Advocates Appears All High Courts of India

 In the legal fraternity you need a competitive counsel to get justice. Many a time a person accused of commission of a criminal offense maybe innocent. May be falsely implicated. Sometimes he might be the real culprit. All can be determined only by an effective and impartial trial. The most important role of an Advocate is knowledge of how to conduct a trial. A trial in a criminal Court is the edifice of the legal jurisprudence..

We are a group of eminent senior Lawyers and senior counsels having vast experience in various branches of legal system of India. We are expert in  criminal, civil, cyber crime and various other legal fraternity. We have handled several sensational and media hipe cases such as Al-kaida, official secret act etc. We are having many other high profile cases in hand such as humantraficing, pevension of immortal traffic act cases.


We are having the expertise in handling cases extending but not limited to –

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Family Court
  • Debt Recovery Tribunals
  • Co-operative courts
  • Society Formations / Registrations
  • Deemed Conveyance / Conveyance

We also Undertake different types of Property Matters including Conveyances, Agreements (Rent, Lease and Leave & Licenses), and Partnership Firms & Its Registration.

We also Deal with Consultation on an Annual Basis which includes, consultancy regarding by-Laws of Society, Election of the Management Committee, Recovery of Maintenance etc.